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I really have a tiny pussy.



Wow. Pretty impressive.



Men have desks. We have important work to do.

Women have dressing tables. Their important work is prettying themselves for the pleasure of Men.

Every desk should come as standard with a metal ring fixed under the surface in the footwell. This ring is useful to lock an owned woman’s leash to. There should be enough space in the footwell for a human female sized pet bed. A master may have a dedicated office slave so this is where she’ll sleep. The bottom drawer pulls out to reveal water and food bowls. The desk should have a solid back to conceal the pet for when it might be innapropriate or distracting to see it. That way the slut can still suck and worship as its owner deals with clients. Finally, two vibrating dildos are mounted on the inside of the desk’s back wall for the pet to fuck itself on as it sucks. The control dials are located on the surface of the desk. This keeps the woman’s holes wet and ready for use as well as providing training for the whore as it won’t be allowed to cum until given permission.

Take care of my cock while I work.


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